Dave is the founder of TESOL Malaysia which is a non-profit organisation that manages TESOL Trainers and Trained language teachers in the region. He has 10 years of training and language teaching experience in Singapore and Malaysia. Dave is also an academic and training development board member for TESOL Training Centre Singapore which is registered with the council of Private Education under the ministry of education Singapore.

He is multi-lingual and has extensive experience crafting teaching methods for language training. He is also currently involved as an advisor in the training of Certificate and Diploma in TESOL programmes in Singapore and Malaysia. He has been involved in company training for companies like Seagate Technology, Courts, Volvo and Chartered Semiconductor. His vast experience in Engineering and language gives him the advantage in planning language trainings that are very effective for various industries.

He is also actively involved in helping students learn public speaking through Toastmaster International and Speakers League Club USA. The speakers League club runs free speaking workshop for children who cannot afford to join English enrichment courses in Malaysia. He is also involved in counselling and coaching students who has academic difficulties during his free time when he is not teaching in Singapore.


Diploma in TESOL (UK, Singapore), Certificate in TEFL (UK), Certificate in Teaching Grammar (Singapore), Certificate in Teaching Speaking (College of Teachers, UK), TKT (University of Cambridge), Post Grad Dip Education (Singapore, NIE), ACB Toastmaster (USA), Train the Trainer Certification, B.Eng (Mech), MSc Logistic (Singapore), MA TEFL/TESL (UK), Master Practitioner NLP (Singapore)

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  1. Proficiency in English leads to better salaries in Star Article:

    This has been hotly debated in Malaysia for many years. All employers are looking for graduates with good communication skills. Parents need to spend time developing these 21st century skills from young and not focus on academic english in malaysia where its considered 2nd language english. The standard is not on par with 1st language english materials worldwide.Giving your child the right platform to improve their competency and confidence in English from young.

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